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New Year, New Savvy Apple

2019: not only are we ready for you, but we hope you are ready for us!

Things are happening this year that have been in the works for a while. It was about two years ago that I got a crazy idea in my head. The last time I had a crazy idea, we opened The Savvy Apple Preschool. So, it's only logical that the next big (and crazy) idea would be to BUILD The Savvy Apple Preschool's new location.

I was standing in the kitchen and said to Ms. Jessika and Ms. Stella, "I really wish I could just build a new school building. But that's a crazy idea and could probably never happen." After a lot of dreaming, a whole lot of praying, some sketching, tons of paperwork, support and encouragement from friends and family, many phone calls, a few tears, and so many smiles...we turned another dream into a reality.

We bought a piece of land and jumped through a million hoops to make it work for our school.

And we took some unflattering selfies to document the occasion!

Slowly over the months, we saw some progress.

And in just a few months from now, we will hopefully be moving into our new Savvy Apple home!

Check back soon for another blog post! My goal in 2019 is to post more. For real this time. :)


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