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Two Years

TWO YEARS - how did that happen?

Last Thursday was The Savvy Apple's two year anniversary. It feels like it was just yesterday, and at the same time, it feels like we have been doing this for ten years! I guess it's true, what they say: time flies when you're having fun!

When I think back on the past two years, two words immediately come to mind: rewarding and hard.

Owning your own business is hard. I have learned to do lots of things that I never dreamed I would be doing on my own - payroll, accounting, advertising, interviewing, hiring, and firing. I have worked from sun up to sun down and ran on hardly any sleep (thank goodness for caffeine!). I have been yelled at and encountered some incredibly negative people. I have learned from mistakes, and I have worked through issues. I have cried. I have broken down. I have felt defeated.

But all of these things happened for a reason and amazing things have come from each "hard" time. Regardless of how difficult these last two years have been, they have by far been more rewarding. I can't believe all that we have accomplished and learned in these two years. We have met some INCREDIBLE people along the way and have formed relationships that will last a lifetime. We get to spend our days with the best people (our parents and staff!) and amazing children. We have made mistakes, but we have learned so much from them. We are able to employ amazing women who help provide for their families. I have seen enormous love and beauty come from our little school.

Thank you to everyone involved in The Savvy Apple - our children, our parents, our staff - you are the reason for it all!

To our amazing family and friends: without you, I am sure The Savvy Apple would not have seen its first day, let alone beginning of its third year. Thank you for your encouragement, love, manual labor, and support.

I can only hope that we get to continue this adventure for many more years to come!

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