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Rather than follow a standard curriculum model with a specific pre-determined units  of study, our curriculum's underlying structure is based on guided learning and collaboration. This approach engages the interests and skills of each individual child, interweaving teachings on a broad range of disciplines through real world learning. Children will engage in short and long term projects that highlight their understanding. Through these units and collaborative learning, we will integrate the South Carolina State Standards for preschool students.

You can find the Good Start, Grow Smart standards here:                                 


Although our curriculum is inspired by traditional philosophies of Reggio and Montessori, we certainly march to the beat of our own drum when it comes to learning and education! We blend these methods, along with other best practices, to create an enriching learning environment for children. For this reason, our school environment does not look or feel like one that is strictly Montessori or Reggio inspired.


Although our main goal is to prepare students for kindergarten, our hope is that they will leave The Savvy Apple with so much more. Incorporated into academic curriculum is the understanding of our Core Values to encourage social and emotional development. Environmental stewardship is a part of our daily lives. We teach manners and common courtesy. We also work on skills to help children become more independent, such as cleaning up messes, setting the table, serving food, pouring drinks, putting on their own jackets, etc. Most of all, we hope that children will develop a passion for learning.


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