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Full Day Program

Our full day program has four classrooms. We place children into classrooms primarily by their age as of September 1st. They move from one classroom to the next as a group each June.

All classrooms emphasize hands on learning, or "learning by doing". We encourage our children to be as independent as possible and teach them to do many things for themselves: take off and put on their own socks, shoes, and jackets; clean up from snacks and lunch; serve their own food. These are just a few of the many, many things they will be able to do independently at The Savvy Apple. Children are capable beings and ours are met with age-appropriate, high expectations. With modeling and support, they almost always rise to the occasion and thrive on this!

We know the importance of play and unstructured free time. This sort of play happens inside as well as outside in nature. We spend a ton of time outside because we think sunshine, fresh air, and exposure to nature is vital in childhood. We always tell families on tours: if you don't like dirt, this isn't the place for you! Our kids play freely with minimal objections from teachers when outside; which means, they get to dig in the dirt to their heart's content! You can read a little more about why we think this is important here

In addition to unstructured time, our children have structured, teacher-directed time as well. This kind of time is also important in early childhood setting to build stamina for a young developing mind. We use this structured to to teach key concepts that will prepare children for kindergarten, all the while having fun and learning through meaningful content. As we cycle through four broad, concept-based units each school year, our children explore different features of their world and the life we live while having standards and important skills woven into the theme.

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1 on or before September 1st

full time or part time enrollment available






2 on or before September 1st

full time or part time enrollment available






3 on or before September 1st

full time or part time enrollment available






4 on or before September 1st

full time enrollment only

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